More adventures in hexagons

imageI made another place at with hexagons, this time with 2″ hexies. It was a fair bit quicker than with the 1.25″ ones and shows off the bigger patterns in the fabric nicely.

Some things I did better on this one  were:

  • left the cardboard in, even when finished. This seemed to help keep the fabric more stable when ironing on the laminate and doesn’t hurt for a placemat to be sturdy.
  • made the iron slightly hotter than the wool setting to help the laminate bond better.
  • used the paper of the laminate as a buffer between the laminate and the fabric. This was better than using a piece of fabric because it went a little bit transparent when it got hot so you could see where you’d been.
  • made the backing fabric slightly bigger, a bit like a quilt backing, so that when I sewed the edges together I could just trim off the excess before binding.

Hope he likes it!


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