Free motion playtime!

Made another casserole cubby, this time for a friend of mum’s. She wanted blues and I wanted to practice Bargello quilting and free motion quilting so this is what I came up with. I loved the little flower pots! So much fun, so simple, so cute. Even invented a couple myself, the “hipster cactus in a teacup” being my favourite.

Bit messy, but a first attempt. 🙂

Some notes:

  • when doing the Bargello quilting the longer the strips that you end up cutting and resewing the better. E.g., in this piece if the long edge of the rectangle had to be 40″ and the short edge 14″ (can’t remember what I did, but as an example) you want the piece that you’re cutting up to be 40″ wide, so that when you sew the strips you’re only sewing a few 40″ seams instead of sewing a jillion 14″ ones. Makes for a neater finish and is quicker. I’m all about efficiency.





I ❤️ free motion quilting!


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