Hexagon play time

My dad always used to say that he thought that quilting was a bit strange; that buying a perfectly good piece of fabric, chopping it up and seeing it back together seemed like a bit of a waste of good fabric. His observations pretty much stopped mum from quilting as she then thought of it as a bit of a pointless endeavour. I don’t share his view but I must admit that this little project has felt like “proper” quilting, using little scraps of other projects to make a piece of complex fabric.

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I have always liked hexagonal quilts, they look so complicated and they fit together so elegantly. I have never thought that I would have the patience for a fully hand sewn quilt though. Enter the hexagon place mat! I used up a heap of little pieces from other projects (so rewarding, all the memories. “Oh! That’s right, I made a hat for Pip out of that. Ooh, I made oven mits for Robyn from that!”) and used 1.25″ hexagons to make a placemat-sized piece of quilted fabric. I tried to do a rough rainbow gradient but it’s tricky. Once finished I’ve got to work out how to use iron-on laminate to seal and waterproof it. Bit of trial and error in the near future I suspect. šŸ™‚


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  1. I must admit I agree with your dad, yet I still quilt and happily chop up new fabrics. But I think the quilts made from scraps have an extra dimension that quilts made from fabric bought for that specific project lack…


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