Kid’s aprons

I found a pretty pattern on Pinterest ( and thought I’d make some aprons for kids for birthday presents.

I traced out a little apron we had lying around. It is 50cm from top to bottom and fits nicely on 50cms of fabric, though you need to be mindful of the direction of any prints. I’ve been making reversible aprons so they can use two cute prints. I’ve also been trying out applique and adding pockets.  Aprons are versatile canvases! Applique is so much fun and a great way to add details and use up little bits of fabric you don’t want to throw out.

FullSizeRenderSome things I learned:

  • I found that for the straps if they were any narrower than 7cms to start with (with about a .75cm seam allowance) they were really difficult to turn inside out.  It’s possible but really annoying. Better to just make them wider to start with. If you want to make the straps with the same fabric as the apron it’s a good idea to buy .6 of a metre to start with so you have plenty of fabric to make two from the one piece.
  • Adding pom pom trim to the bottom was SUPER CUTE but heaps easier on a straight edge than on a curved one.  Also works heaps better if basted on with a zipper foot to start with then sewn in between the lining and the main fabric later. Bit more work but worth it.
  • I made the top straps a generous-length then added a button on the strap (and a button hole on the top of the apron) so it can easily be adjusted when the child grows. Buttons are, of course, also another way to add super cute details.


So super cute!




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